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"Deep Space" litter:

BORN: 31.07.2021

SIRE: Snow (Inyabu Gaspar at Sylvaen) - outcross
DAM: Layla (Sylvaen Nightshade)

12 PUPPIES (4 females & 6 males):

Sylvaen Galaxy (Astra) - CROATIA
Sylvaen Meteorite (Akela) - WI USA
Sylvaen Supernova (Nova) - CA USA
Sylvaen Umbra (Aurora) - MO USA
Sylvaen Asteroid (Itachi) - WI USA
Sylvaen Comet (Komet) - VA USA
Sylvaen Cosmos (Fenrir) - NY USA
Sylvaen Eclipse (Loki) - CT USA
Sylvaen Pulsar (Amaroq) - NC USA
Sylvaen Quasar (Tasker) - NY USA


Sylvaen Nebula (PALE PINK) - fading puppy
Sylvaen Neoma (PURPLE) - fading puppy

Pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound scan on 28 June 2021.
Layla had an x-ray on 27 July 2021 and we counted 10+ puppies!!
Unfortunately, a few days before her due date, Layla decided to chew on the towels in her whelping box and she ended up swallowing several large pieces, which resulted in an intestinal blockage. Fortunately, it happened very close to her due date and I noticed, just in time, that something was wrong. Although the symptoms of whelping (anorexia, nausea, drooling, vomiting, etc) are similar to the symptoms of intestinal blockage, they are not completely identical.

After a while, it became obvious that whelping was not progressing at all and Layla was becoming increasingly exhausted and lethargic. Although she was very thirsty, she was unable to hold down any water and, when she vomited it back up, it was reddish-brown slime with the texture of coffee grounds... not normal! So, we rushed her to the vet clinic for an emergency c-section and we were able to save all 12 puppies (!!) who, although small, were ready to be delivered.

Once the puppies were born, the veterinarians then worked to remove all of the pieces of towel that were blocking her stomach and intestines, which had already began to "accordion" (bunch together). Thankfully, Layla made a good recovery from the surgery (technically 2 major abdominal surgeries) though she needed intensive care for several days afterward. Since she wasn't allowed to eat anything, so as not to damage her intestinal stitches, Layla got fed via intravenous diet (parenteral nutrition) for 48 hours following the surgery.

Sadly, over the course of the following days, the 2 smallest puppies began to fade, despite our best efforts to save them, including constant tube-feeding around the clock. Thankfully, the 10 surviving puppies began to thrive and all are now doing well... growing bigger and stronger by the day.

Litter Pedigree:

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Litter Pedigree

"DEEP SPACE" litter -- (Snow X Layla)
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