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"Hogwarts Houses" litter:

BORN: 11.08.2021

SIRE: Oberon (Sylvaen Bolton)
DAM: Echo (Sylvaen Wolfmoon Serenade)

4 PUPPIES (1 female & 3 males):

Sylvaen Gryffindor (Muc) - SLOVENIA
Sylvaen Hufflepuff (Loki) - LUXEMBOURG
Sylvaen Ravenclaw (Raven) - CROATIA
Sylvaen Slytherin (Kavik) - SWITZERLAND

Pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound scan on 13 July 2021.
Echo had an x-ray on 4 August 2021 and we counted 4 puppies!
Oberon is a large male and, athough Echo herself is not particularly large, her sire, Ash, is a large male. So, we anticipated that the puppies from this litter combination would all be pretty big. When we saw the x-ray image it was confirmed, there were only 4 puppies and they were all relatively large.

Unfortunately, the largest puppy (Gryffindor) was first, and he got stuck in the birth canal with his head and one front paw blocking the way. After 3+ hours of Echo pushing and me trying to pull him out, I had to concede defeat. So, we took her to the vet clinic for an emergency c-section.

Thankfully, all 4 puppies were born via c-section without any complications... big and strong and healthy (all weighing over 500g at birth). Echo made a very quick recovery from the surgery and she was back home and caring for her puppies within a couple of hours.

Several days later, we then gave Echo 3 additional puppies from Layla's "Deep Space" litter to foster (7 each) since Layla had a relatively low milk supply. As a true testament to the Tamaskan temperament, Echo was happy to adopt/foster the new additions without any hesitation.

Litter Pedigree:

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Litter Pedigree

"HOGWARTS HOUSES" litter -- (Oberon X Echo)
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