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"Luck" litter:

BORN: 02.12.2021

SIRE: Snow (Inyabu Gaspar at Sylvaen) - outcross
DAM: Nissa (Sylvaen Tully)

10 PUPPIES (6 females & 4 males):

Sylvaen Coincidence (Zoe) - USA
Sylvaen Destiny (Kiba) - USA
Sylvaen Fortuna (Tali) - CANADA
Sylvaen Karma (Viki) - USA
Sylvaen Miracle (Nuki) - SWITZERLAND
Sylvaen Serendipity (Hazel) - CROATIA
Sylvaen Divine Intervention (Puck) - AUSTRIA
Sylvaen Kismet (Koda) - CANADA
Sylvaen Prophecy Foretold (Kai) - CANADA
Sylvaen Twist Of Fate (Neo) - USA

Originally, we planned to breed Snow X Nissa a bit later in the spring 2022, upon Nissa's next/upcoming heat cycle (she normally has quite a long duration in between her heat cycles). However, Nissa had a silent heat cycle, earlier than expected, and Snow decided to take matters into his own hands (so to speak). It was quite a surprise when the mating took place, because Nissa had absolutely no signs of being in heat at that time, and it was much earlier than her cycle was supposed to start (almost 2 months sooner than expected). As a result of their one mating, we were not sure if Nissa would get pregnant so we were quite surprised when pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound scan on 27 October 2021. Since they only had one mating, very early in her heat cycle according to her progesterone levels, we were expecting that she would probably only have a small litter with just a few puppies. So, we were very surpirsed to count 7 puppies on the X-ray on 22 November 2021.
Due to her silent heat cycle, it was difficult to predict Nissa's actual due date based on her progesterone levels at the time of mating. So, when her anticipated due date came and went without any puppies on the way, we calculated that the mating must have occured around 10 days prior to ovulation. However, once whelping finally started, the progression was very slow so I decided to schedule her for a c-section and have her spayed at the same time, since this was her final litter. It was a huge surprise to discover, during the c-section, that there were actually 10 puppies in total (apparently 3 had been hiding on the X-ray)! All 10 puppies were born alive and well, strong and healthy, via c-section on 2 December 2021! As a result of all of these surprises, the litter theme was obvious.

Litter Pedigree:

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Litter Pedigree

"LUCK" litter -- (Snow X Nissa)
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