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Guardian Homes:

Our Tamaskan Dogs usually start breeding at around 2 years old and they usually have 1 litter per year (up to 4 litters in total). This means that they are usually ready for retirement at around 6 years old, unless they are retired earlier (for instance, due to having 2 cesarean surgeries, etc).

Sometimes, a female might only have a litter or two before we decide to retire her early, for various reasons (as an example, due to complications with whelping or lack of maternal instinct, etc). Tamaskan Dogs usually live to around 14 years old, or so. This means that, although they are retired from breeding at 5-6 years old (or earlier) they still have many active years left.

From puppyhood, our dogs are raised in an active working kennel environment, but they tend to slow down a bit once they are 6+ years old, at which point they prefer a more comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. No matter what, our dogs always come first. Period. And we believe that each dog deserves individual love, care and attention.

Overall, we prefer not to have too many dogs in total, so that each dog can get plenty of individual attention. We could keep 20-30 adult dogs (or more) but is that really fair for the dogs? Our current (maximum) self-imposed limit is around 10 adult dogs in total.

Therefore, our ideal solution is to find suitable nearby (within driving distance) Guardian Homes to adopt our retired ex-breeding dogs (for free) to ensure that our beautiful, active and healthy older dogs live out their best lives in happy, active homes. These families get a healthy (and fully health tested) beautiful adult Tamaskan Dog, already trained and socialized, while the dogs themselves benefit from having a loving family home, where they are pampered with individual attention, to live out their golden years in a comfortable environment (and we're always willing to take back any of our dogs if it doesn't work out, for any reason, at any time).

If you live in Europe, and you are interested in providing a Guardian Home to one of our adult/retired dogs in the future, please feel free to contact us for more info!