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Unfortunately, due to several disappointing experiences (and valuable life lessons) we are no longer offering puppies for co-ownership (on breeding terms) to local homes nearby. In the past, we selected our favorite/pick-of-the-litter/keeper puppy from specific combinations, in order to have this puppy available for future breeding, rather than sell it.

Due to limited space here at our family home, we decided to offer these puppies to local co-ownership homes (to raise, train and care for these puppies) as a family pet... for free (without them having to pay the usual purchase price to buy a puppy from us) but with a co-ownership contract that specified all the terms and conditions (breeding rights, etc).

When the co-ownership puppies came of age, we financed all of the necessary health testing for these dogs to qualify for breeding. For the most part, our co-ownership families were all lovely people who were willing and able to accommodate our breeding plans, in accordance with our co-ownership contract, and we made some good friends over the past few years.

This system worked well for a while but, sadly, several bad apples have ruined this opportunity for everyone. It seems these individuals felt it was not necessary to uphold their end of the co-ownership contract (including deliberately lying that their female Tamaskan was not having heat cycles, so that we could not use the dog for breeding) and now we have several ongoing lawsuits to recoup our losses.

Thanks to these unscrupulous individuals and their unconscionable conduct, we can no longer take the risk to give away valuable puppies/future breeding dogs for free, and finance all the necessary (and expensive) health testing. For the sake of our future bloodlines, personal finances, and overall peace of mind, we have decided to terminate our puppy co-ownership program. It is a disappointing outcome, but it is the only logical solution.

Guardian Homes:

From now on, we will only be offering older/retired ex-breeding dogs (already sterilized) for free, to suitable family "Guardian Homes" near Zagreb (within driving distance).

If/when we have such adult dogs available, we will update the AVAILABLE page accordingly.