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As of summer 2022, since we now have much more space available at our new property, we are now able to keep puppies for "Extended Stay" periods, which means we are now able to export puppies all over the world (including Australia and New Zealand)!

According to Croatian law, puppies can leave their mother and go to their new homes once they are 8+ weeks old. Several EU countries allow puppies to enter once they are 8+ weeks old (under 12 weeks old/unvaccinated against rabies). The following countries all allow puppies to enter at 8+ weeks old:
  • Austria (from October 2022: now ONLY with a special permit!)
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland (accompanied by owner/non-commercial movement)
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg (accompanied by owner/non-commercial movement)
  • Mexico
  • Romania (accompanied by owner/non-commercial movement)
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Switzerland
  • United States

    SOURCE: EU legislation: Young Animals
  • Other countries, not listed above, usually have a higher import age. Therefore, they must stay with us here at our home for a longer period, until they meet the requirements for travel/import. Some countries, like Australia/New Zealand (etc) have very strict import requirements and this usually entails a very long "Extended Stay" period (until the puppy is around 10 months old) and all other criteria for import are completed, including: full vaccination schedule, full anti-parasite treatment, EU rabies blood test (titer level) results, etc. For example: Import requirements for Australia

    As "Extended Stay" entails a lot of additional work/time/effort, we have to charge an additional fee for this service. This additional fee serves to cover the costs of all the extra cleaning/cleaning products, utility bills, extra food, extensive socialization, basic training, etc. Please note that for puppies traveling to the USA and Canada, puppies usually must be 10+ weeks old to travel, according to airline regulations for international manifest cargo shipping (some airlines insist on 12+ weeks old, but we try to work with airlines that allow puppies to fly at 10+ weeks old). Since this means that these puppies must stay with us for an additional 2 weeks, we have to charge "Extended Stay" costs for those puppies that traveling to the USA and Canada.


    10+ weeks old
    (USA / Canada)
    15+ weeks old
    (EU countries)
    Extended Stay
    200 EUR
    (per week)
    + 400 EUR
    (2 weeks)
    + 1400 EUR
    (7 weeks)
    Additional Deworming Treatments
    10 EUR
    (per treatment)
    + 10 EUR
    (at 10 weeks old)
    + 30 EUR
    (at 10, 12 & 14 weeks old)
    Additional Booster Vaccines
    30 EUR
    (per vaccine)
    + 30 EUR
    (at 10 weeks old)
    + 60 EUR
    (at 10 & 13 weeks old)
    Rabies Vaccine
    50 EUR
    (per vaccine)
    + 50 EUR
    (at 12 weeks old)
    International Health Certificate
    20 EUR
    (per certificate)
    + 20 EUR
    TRACES documents for EU Commercial Movement
    30 EUR
    (per certificate)
    + 30 EUR
    (if applicable)
    Drive from Sylvaen Acres to Zagreb Airport
    15 EUR
    (1 hour drive)
    + 15 EUR
    (if applicable)
    + 15 EUR
    (if applicable)
    Transport Costs
    ZAG airport to destination
    depends on airline/route/destination
    depends on airline/route/destination
    Transport Crate
    100 EUR (IATA 5)
    160 EUR (IATA 6)
    IATA 5 (1 puppy)
    IATA 6 (2 puppies)
    IATA 6