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JASPER (Blustag Lapis Lazuli at Sylvaen)

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BORN: 18.11.2008
STATUS: Castrated
MICROCHIP #: 958000001465104
CO-OWNER: Matija



Tamaskan Dog of the Month: July 2011
Tamaskan Treffen 2011: BEST IN SHOW
Tamaskan Treffen 2011: 1st Place (offene Klasse Rüden)
Tamaskan Treffen 2010: 1st Place (offene Klasse Rüden)
Astrid's Puppyclass 2009: Best Puppy


Jasper was my first Tamaskan. He born in England and, in spring 2009, I imported him to the Netherlands at the age of 8 weeks old. When he was 7 months old, he was featured on the "Pick Of The Litter" blog. In summer 2009, after moving to Croatia, I hitchhiked across Europe (from Zagreb to The Hague) with only Jasper for company. I felt very safe with him by my side and he protected me during several dangerous situations throughout the journey. He truly is the World's Greatest Dog (in my unbiased, humble opinion - of course).

In 2011, my ex (Matija) and I broke up. We decided that he would keep two of our cats and I would keep our other three cats + our two Tamaskan dogs (Jasper & Vixen). However, it turned out that my ex's new girlfriend (at that time) was severely allergic to cats and, reluctantly, Matija realized that he had no other option than to return the two cats to me... but he was heartbroken to give them up and missed their company. As we were/are still on good terms, we ultimately agreed to share custody of Jasper instead... it was a really difficult decision because Jasper was so important to me, but he really deserved much more one-on-one attention than I was able to provide him at that particular time in my life. So, Jasper now lives with my ex, Matija, full-time but I still get to see him on a fairly regular basis. It's a win:win situation all around and, most importantly, Jasper is happy and has a great life.


DM: Clear (OFA)
ED: not tested
EYES: not tested
DNA Profile: Genoscoper (ISAG markers)
DNA Profile: Neogen GeneSeek (AKC markers)
DNA Parentage: Neogen GeneSeek
Entirety: Cryptorchid (castrated)


Jasper is a wonderful dog, he is highly intelligent (sometimes too clever for his own good!) and very loyal. He is quite aloof and doesn't particularly like being petted by strangers - he is not a cuddly dog, even with his close family (though when he does oblige, it just makes it that much more special). When he was younger he was somewhat boisterous and goofy (and challenging) but now that he is older he is much more calm, relaxed and easy-going. He can now be off-leash without any issues, though it was a big problem during puberty when he was going through a phase of 'selective hearing' (typical teenager). As a youngster he suffered from moderate Separation Anxiety and he was also quite destructive; he certainly wan't an "easy" puppy. He was also relatively dominant toward intact, small breed, male dogs that wanted to fight him... since being castrated he is now much more chilled out and less eager to fight. With regard to other animals, he is very gentle with cats and kittens but we have to keep him on-leash around sheep or goats. Overall, he is a great dog but he is also a unique individual with his own idiosyncrasies, and not what I would consider an ideal "family pet". That aside, he is a loyal companion and a dear friend.


HEIGHT: 71cm
WEIGHT: 33kg
COLOR: Wolf-Grey

- athletic body structure
- good size
- long legs
- great head shape

- quite large ears
- tail curves over his back when excited


Colour Locus A = aw/aw (double agouti)
Colour Locus B = B/B (no liver/brown)
Colour Locus E = E/E (no cream/white)
Colour Locus K = ky/ky (no dominant black)

Coat length = G/G (short-haired coat)
Curly coat = T/C (one copy of curly coat gene)
Ear erectness = T/T (pointy ears)
Snout/skull length = C/C (elongated head)


25 Generation COI: 20.42%
Wolf Content: 10.53% (approx)
[based on pedigree analysis]


SIRE: Jackal (Jackal at Blustag)

(Out of: Oskari X Pauliina)

HD: BVA 12

DM: Clear (N/N)

DAM: Susi (Susi at Blustag)

(Out of: Watti X Legenda)

HD: BVA 12

DM: Clear (N/N)