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Thank you for taking an interest in our upcoming litters! We have several exciting upcoming/future litters planned for this year. (Please note, these plans may be subject to change depending on circumstances.)

We usually try to mix and match various litter combinations to ensure very low levels of inbreeding from 0% COI (new outcross litters) up to a maximum of around 6% COI (calculated to 25 Generations) as well as a spectrum of wolf content ranging from no/low wolf content (under 5%) up to a maximum of around 20% (calculated by EMBARK DNA and/or pedigree analysis). We also try to combine males and females that have complimentary traits (with regard to ear size/set, headshape/muzzle length, tail set, coat length, body size, etc) as well as complimentary characters, to create well-balanced offspring in a variety of coat colors, according to the breed standard. This way, we can be sure to have an interesting selection of available puppies, whether you're just looking for a personal/family pet or perhaps a potential future breeding dog with lots of possible options for future combinations.

Public litter announcements will be posted here once once a mating takes place and/or once pregnancy is confirmed. In the meantime, please feel free to fill out an application form to join the Waiting List for these upcoming litters. If approved, you will be invited to pay the deposit, in advance, to finalize your position on the Waiting List (6 slots available per litter: 3 female puppy slots + 3 male puppy slots).


Nahko X Echo
- ETA: July 2023
- Echo's third (3/4) litter / new outcross stud dog!
- litter COI = 0.00% (25 Gen)
- approximate wolf content = 3.77%

Diesel X Layla
- ETA: July 2023
- Layla's third (3/4) litter
- litter COI = 3.48% (25 Gen)
- approximate wolf content = 8.74%

Oberon X Astra
- ETA: August/September 2023
- Astra's first (1/4) litter
- litter COI = 6.32% (25 Gen)
- approximate wolf content = 16.62%


On average, we aim to have around 4-5 litters per year (2-3 litters in the spring/summer and 2 litters in the autumn/winter). Each of our breeding females is allowed to have a maximum of 1 litter per year (every 12 months) up to a maximum of 4 total litters in her lifetime. The timing of each litter depends on the timing of the heat cycles, which is up to nature. However, just because we plan a particular litter combination, doesn't necessarily mean that a successful pregnancy will occur, or that there will be a lot of puppies.

Nea with Misty

We are currently in the process of screening potential new homes for suitability. Homes with a yard and experience with Arctic / Wolfdog / German Shepherd breeds are preferred, but not necessarily required. Tamaskan Dogs are very pack-oriented and usually do best in a household where there already is another dog for companionship, or family members who are home for most of the day.

Our puppies live all over the world and we welcome international inquiries. However, please note that due the large number of emails and applications, it sometimes takes a while to respond. Thank you for understanding! For more information about the whole purchase process, please click HERE.