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Puppy Portfolio:

Here at Sylvaen Acres, we are committed to doing our part to help the environment and saving trees. Due to the huge amount of printing involved (approx 50 pages per Puppy Portfolio) we decided that, for 2022 onward, we will no longer be printing / mailing out individual portfolios for each puppy. Instead, all of the documentation that was originally included in the paper / hardcopy version of the Puppy Portfolio (below) will now be available in digital format instead. Furthermore, the money that would have been spent on printing and postage costs will now go towards planting trees on our property instead: a double win for the environment!

Puppy Portfolio contained:
  • Your puppy's official ITR Registration Certificate
  • Your puppy's Pedigree Certificate (5 Generations)
  • Copies of Sire & Dam's Hip Score Certificates
  • Copies of Sire & Dam's Elbow Score Certificates
  • Copies of Sire & Dam's Eye Exam Certificates
  • Your puppy's Embark DNA results (formerly MyDogDNA results)
  • Sylvaen Ownership Contract

For 2022 onward:
  • The ITR Registration Certificates will now be mailed, by post, directly from the ITR Registrar(s).
  • Each litter's 5-generation pedigree will be posted on the respective litter's page on our website.
  • Digital copies of the Sire and Dam's health test results will be posted on their respective profiles.
  • The link to each puppy's digital DNA results will be posted directly to our EMBARK website page.
  • The digital version of the Sylvaen Ownership Contract will be sent to each new owner by email.