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The deposit to join the Waiting List BEFORE the puppies are born is 500 EUR (+ VAT if applicable).
This non-refundable deposit is paid, in advance, to confirm a spot on the Waiting List for a specific upcoming litter combination, before the puppies are born. After paying the deposit to join the Waiting List, you will be notified once the puppies are born.

Once the puppies are born, in the event that there is not a puppy available in your preferred sex/coat color, you will be offered the option to choose a different puppy (from the same litter) of a different sex/coat color. If you don't want a puppy (from the same litter combination) that is a different sex/color, you will be offered a spot on the Waiting List for the next available litter combination OR, if you prefer, for a different/future litter (from the listed upcoming combinations) of your choice.
Please note: the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. In the event that you later cancel your reservation, at any time or for any reaon, the deposit will not be returned!


Our puppies are priced at 2500 EUR (+ VAT if applicable).
The puppy price is the same regardless if you want a family pet or a potential breeding dog.

Please note: the puppy price includes the cost of the deposit.
The amount you have paid as a deposit to join the Waiting List WILL be deducted from the total price!
For example: 2500 EUR - 500 EUR deposit = 2000 EUR remaining payment (+ transport costs, etc)

The puppy price covers all of our costs that are associated with whelping and raising each litter: stud fee for the Stud Dog Owner; costs associated with driving to the stud dog and overnight accommodation (regardless if the endeavor is successful or not); costs associated with pregnancy and whelping (progesterone testing, ultrasound scan to confirm pregnancy, x-ray to count puppies, special pregnancy diet and vitamins, etc); costs associated with raising the litter (puppy food, cleaning products, utility bills, vet bills, DNA testing via EMBARK, microchips, vaccinations, deworming treatments, etc) and litter registration costs (ITR Certificates).

In addition to microchip, vaccinations and pet passport, our puppies are all DNA tested by EMBARK before they go to their new homes. Please note: our puppies also come with a health guarantee so you can feel completely safe knowing that your puppy is healthy, and also have the security of knowing that you are completely covered, in the extremely rare event that something might later turn out to be wrong with your puppy. We stand by the health of our dogs and every litter we produce, as we want to ensure that we are only bringing healthy puppies into the world.

Please note: transport costs (shipping, travel crate, export documents, etc) and any additional costs associated with long-term extended stays (over 8+ weeks old) are not included in the puppy purchase price. You can see more info about everything else that is included in the purchase price here!

Loyalty Program: for families who already have a Sylvaen Tamaskan from us, your second Sylvaen Tamaskan puppy will have a 10% discount off the purchase price!

VAT (Value-Added Tax)

As of 2022, due to new EU regulations on Distance-Selling (and the previous EU thresholds for VAT being scrapped last year) we now have to charge VAT (Value-Added Tax) on top of the purchase price!

Here in Croatia, VAT is called "PDV" and the rate is +25%.
2500 EUR + 25% = 3125 EUR

Please note: VAT is charged within the EU for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sales within/between EU countries. For instance, if you are a person living in Austria and you purchase a puppy from us, then we have to charge VAT. However, if you are a non-EU tourist and/or foreign citizen, temporarily residing in Croatia or just visiting for a short while, then when you purchase a puppy from us, with VAT, you can later claim the VAT back upon leaving the EU (with your puppy).

Please note: VAT can be deducted for Business-to-Business (B2B) sales within/between EU countries.
For instance, if you own a business that is registered in the VAT system and you purchase a puppy from us through/for your business (in the name of your company and from your company's bank account) then VAT can be deducted. For example, if you wish to purchase a mascot for your business premises, or a SAR dog for your Rescue Organization, or a scent-detection dog for your Dog Training Center, or a sled-dog for your Mushing/Dog Tour Company (etc).

Please note: VAT does NOT apply to sales OUTSIDE the EU!
For instance, if you are a person living in Switzerland, or Canada, or the USA, or the UK, or Australia (etc) then there is no VAT to pay, since it is an EU export. However, please be aware that there may be customs/import taxes to pay to your respective countries, at the point/port of entry!


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