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ROZA (Sylvaen Cloudburst)


BORN: 04.09.2017
STATUS: Active Breeding
MICROCHIP #: 191100000932566



Roza is my "Pick of the Litter" female offspring from my Storm litter who I kept on a co-ownership basis for future breeding. As soon as she was born, it was "love at first sight" but, as she developed, it was clear that I had made the right choice to keep her for future breeding instead of selling her. Specifically, Roza represents the combination of two separate outcross bloodlines, and she is fundamental to my breeding program.

Her sire, Gru (aka Blue), is from an outcross litter sired by a working-line husky outcross stud dog (Ninja) while her dam, Aurora, is from an outcross litter sired by a WSS outcross stud dog (Zente). Roza exhibited all of the traits I hoped to see in a potential future breeding dog, with the addition of fresh genes from two outcross bloodlines. Therefore, when Roza turned 1 year old, I financed all of the required health testing (hip/elbow x-rays + BVA evaluation, eye exam, as well as all the necessary DNA testing) for her to qualify as an official breeding dog and, thankfully, she got excellent results.

With my permission, Roza currently resides with her co-owner at her Guardian Home in Zagreb. As a puppy, I "gave" Roza (for free!) to her co-owner, with a co-ownership contract ensuring that I would be able to use Roza for breeding. At first, everything was fine and, as agreed, once Roza was 12+ months old, I paid for her complete health testing for Roza to qualify for breeding. As per our co-ownership contract, her co-owner regularly informed me every time when Roza came into heat and she cycled like clockwork every 6 months or so.

However, after Roza turned 2 years old, we anxiously waited a long time for Roza's next heat cycle to start so that she could have her first litter. Until, one day, we found out via a mutual friend that Roza was in heat at that time, which was a complete surprise as her co-owner had insisted that Roza's heat cycles had mysteriously stopped. Instead of letting me see Roza, as per our co-ownership contract, her co-owner lied and said that Roza was "out of the country" when she was actually being kept at a relative's residence nearby in Zagreb. It turned out that Roza had been having normal heat cycles the whole time, but her co-owner decided to keep it a secret and hide it from me so that Roza could not be used for breeding. Instead of communicating with me that she had changed her mind about allowing me to use Roza for breeding, so that we could come to an agreement regarding Roza's future, she violated our co-ownership contract. Therefore, we filed a lawsuit for Roza to be returned to us. Now, we just have to wait for justice to be served.


DNA Profile: MyDogDNA


HIPS: BVA 10 (5:5)


ELBOWS: BVA 0 (0:0)



HEART: OFA Basic Cardiac - clear


Roza is a playful girl... she is very friendly and she gets along well with all people and other dogs. She currently lives with 3 other dogs, including her mother (Aurora). Roza is highly intelligent and relatively easy-to-train. She listens well and she is quite eager to please, with the right motivation.


HEIGHT: 58 cm
WEIGHT: 18 kg
COLOR: Pale-Grey

- athletic body structure
- good head shape
- straight tail

- very small (petite)
- relatively dark eyes


Colour Locus A = Aw/Aw (double agouti)
Colour Locus B = B/B (no liver/brown)
Colour Locus E = E/e (carries one copy of cream/white)
Colour Locus K = ky/ky (no dominant black)
Colour Locus S = S/sp (solid coat, carries white spotting)

Coat length = L/l (carries one copy of long-haired coat)
Curly coat = C/C (non-curly coat)
Ear erectness = T/T (pointy ears)
Snout/skull length = C/C (elongated head)


SIRE: Gru (Sylvaen Ninjato)

Out of: Ninja X Zora

DAM: Aurora (Sylvaen Arctic Light)

Out of: Zente X Vega


25 Generation COI: 4.37%
Wolf Content: 5.37% (approx)
[based on pedigree analysis]